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Parent Information Package

Parent information

Lessons run for 7 weeks, Sunday, January 3rd through Sunday February 14th, 2016 .

Lessons start at 2:00 PM. Please plan to arrive at 1:40 (or earlier) to allow time to unload and put on ski gear, and give your child some time to play around a bit before lessons. Lessons begin with a large group activity, then break into groups by levels. Lessons will run for an hour for the youngest kids (4-5), and to 3:30 for older kids.

Skiers are divided into groups by age, and then within each age group we will try to divide by ability as well. We may move children around as needed to make sure they are learning at their appropriate level.

There will be one or two parents available to check in skiers as you arrive. At check in, we will confirm your child's group assignment and provide a name tag to put on their hat (it seems to stick best there, and is most visible to instructors.)

One port-a-potty is located by the parking area. A BIG thank you to G.A. Downing for donating part of the cost of this necessary luxury.

The trails we use are wonderfully maintained and groomed by the volunteers of the Auburn Nordic Ski Association (ANSA). If you wish to ski on the trails at times other than the Sunday afternoon lessons, we suggest that you become a member of ANSA to support its efforts. A family membership is only $80 a year, and can be mailed to ANSA, P.O. Box 1062, Auburn 04210-1062. Questions about ANSA? Check out the website ANSA and /or email Bruce Condit

On the final lesson day, Sunday, February 14th, we will have a fun 'race' that awards all kids for participation and effort, then we will gather for an award ceremony and potluck starting around 3:30 PM at the Condit's House, across from the XC trails. Details will be given in early February.